Why you should be like the gay community.

Of course, if you are gay you can stop reading right about here. You already know this!

However, the rest of you have a LOT to learn.

No, this post isn’t about lifestyles, the bible or anything of the sort. It’s about politics and how to get things done.

Cruise the internet and you will find many people complaining about how government sucks – about some injustice, real or not, which upsets them to no end. And yet, most of them do absolutely nothing about it except foam at the mouth.
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Ayn Rand, hypocrite and writer of fiction…..

Ayn Rand, The Koch Brothers and friends are quite the Hypocrites, eh?

Check out this Article about yet more ‘free market’ and ‘small government’ leaders loving their government checks!

It completely amazes me that a failed (in life and love, etc.) writer of FICTION and promoter of selfishness and godlessness has become the newest darling of the right. I would write more on the subject, but I honestly don’t know what to say! The gulf between what the right wing claims to stand for (morals, compassion, religion) and the Fiction Writer are just too large. Ayn claims religion is WORSE than the opiate of the masses…which makes her more Marxist than Marx himself.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with being an atheist! I could claim that mantel myself. But there is something wrong with the evangelical right wing taking her in their new champion!

Ayn Rand on Religion (lack of)

Steve Jobs, Apple and the Singularity

I’m sorry to hear of Steve Jobs leaving Apple, although very few human beings have had as good a run as he.

His illness and eventual passing brings to mind the question of the Singularity, that being the idea that computing power is now close to being able to contain consciousness offloaded from the human brain. Those not familiar with the topic should check out these links –
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Steve Jobs on Life and Death

I’m a big fan of Apple Computer and Steve Jobs since I purchased my first mac in 1984. There is something special about people who follow their dreams – at seemingly any cost! Despite the pundits, his company has now grown to be the worlds largest (market cap) and most valuable brand – a serious accomplishment!

I think all of us would be wise to read the following passage from a commencement speech he gave in 2005. It regards deaths – but, actually, refers more to life – specifically how to live it.

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DB – 2/8/2012 The Future of Work….

Well, if it isn’t clear, DB will….in this case…refer to Daily Bread posts!
In tech speak, of course, it means database, those ubiquitous yet invisible banks of information which drive our modern world.

Which brings me to the thought of the day……that being one of the big questions of all time…..How hard does each of us, or humanity as a whole, have to work in order to survive, thrive and prosper? Certainly the answer could be the subject of many books, yet I’ll attempt to present the issues in one daily post! Continue reading