Why you should be like the gay community.

Of course, if you are gay you can stop reading right about here. You already know this!

However, the rest of you have a LOT to learn.

No, this post isn’t about lifestyles, the bible or anything of the sort. It’s about politics and how to get things done.

Cruise the internet and you will find many people complaining about how government sucks – about some injustice, real or not, which upsets them to no end. And yet, most of them do absolutely nothing about it except foam at the mouth.
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Making Blogging History

A trick title! Now that I have my own (separate from my business pursuits, etc.) blogging site, I can delve more into my various interests and opinion – and HISTORY has always been my favorite subject!

I’ve been accused, over the years, of being “political”. This always seems to scare some folks as they would like to imagine that others should not be able to share their opinions and world views – especially those with which they don’t agree! Yet the same detractors often spend a big part of their lives writing and gossiping about THEIR own political, religious and historical outlooks.

I guess we could label that the “political conundrum”.

Of course, these days anyone who is fairly well informed in matters of history, the wider world and human nature is automatically labeled a “liberal”, “libtard” or whichever other label their masters (usually right wing echo chambers) have used. Many of these prolific commenters (99% without their real names) spend hours each week doing nothing but rebutting each and every piece of common sense or history posted on the internet. It’s gotten so bad that many major media sites have stopped accepting comments and others have made certain their commenters are identifiable. An early internet forum – The Well – came to the conclusion that people act better when “they own their own words”…..I agree. It doesn’t solve every problem of human interaction, but it certainly will taper down the rhetoric.

So, let’s get back to the History and Opinions and whether knowledge automatically makes one a “libtard”. We know, from a Pew poll, that only 6% of Scientists self-ID as being “republican” in terms of party affiliation. Certainly that is one indication that knowledge makes you retarded (grin). Also, we know that the far right in this country spends vast amounts of time beating up on so-called “academia” – the higher your education level, the more they think you have no idea what is going on in this world.

Highly educated populations, such as those in the “libtard” areas like Boston, the Bay Area, etc…..are also considered to wrong when it comes to political/historical matters. This despite the fact that the spark of our country was struck right in that Liberal Bastion of Massachusetts and in many ways (universal health insurance, social services, fire protection, marriage equality) continues to this very day.
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A common sense discussion and opinion on the Gun Culture and the 2nd Amendment

As you have probably noticed, the recent mass shootings have once again brought the gun control debate back to the news cycle. In light of all the misinformation and propaganda being thrown about, I decided to put down some thoughts, opinions and…yes, facts, into a post! First let me state my qualifications – or lack of such! I am not a lawyer. I am not a constitutional scholar. BUT, I have been an avid amateur historian since I was 8 years old, having devoured the entire world book in the few years following and MANY tens of thousands of pages since. Much of my reading involves the actual words of the founders of this country, as well as the events of the Revolution as well as many events that have followed. Adams, Washington, Franklin, Hamilton, Jefferson, etc. are all personalities I have read extensively on. I also have read quite a bit on the writing of and the amending of the US Constitution.
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More about Craig – childhood

I was born in Philadelphia in November of 1953 – a baby boomer, for certain, albeit on the younger end of that generation. Although many periods in history are full of upheaval and change, there is something unique about the speed and severity of the changes which started to occur as I entered primary school. The sequence of events are fairly well known, but to see them close at hand as a growing child was quite alarming. Continue reading

Ayn Rand, hypocrite and writer of fiction…..

Ayn Rand, The Koch Brothers and friends are quite the Hypocrites, eh?

Check out this Article about yet more ‘free market’ and ‘small government’ leaders loving their government checks!

It completely amazes me that a failed (in life and love, etc.) writer of FICTION and promoter of selfishness and godlessness has become the newest darling of the right. I would write more on the subject, but I honestly don’t know what to say! The gulf between what the right wing claims to stand for (morals, compassion, religion) and the Fiction Writer are just too large. Ayn claims religion is WORSE than the opiate of the masses…which makes her more Marxist than Marx himself.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with being an atheist! I could claim that mantel myself. But there is something wrong with the evangelical right wing taking her in their new champion!

Ayn Rand on Religion (lack of)

Wondering how our children turned out so nice!

I really like my kids! Kids, I call them, but of course they are fully grown and capable adults! I sometimes wonder how they turned out so well. After all, we did not give them any formal education in the ways of life – no sunday school, hebrew school or long talks about education, hard work, etc.

In fact, we were a very laid back family – more interested in living day to day and making a living and a life.

But children seem to have paths of their own. Ours really never rebelled in the same way we did – maybe they didn’t have as far to go…that is, maybe our way looked pretty good to them, and they had little to rebel against?

I recently founds these words written by one of my daughters – about her experience as a camp counselor for children with AIDS. She was 16 years old, but her world view shows a maturity which I still respect today.

I’ve worked with children for years.

I would like to think that I have made an impact on some of their lives. At the least, I know I’ve helped to steer them in the right direction. Ironically, all these children I think of as mine have no idea what they have done to change me.
For just one week a few summers ago, I participated in a volunteer program at the local YMCA camp. The program was named “Bright Feathers” and was for children affected or infected with the HIV virus. I knew little about the disease at the start. I knew nothing about the children.
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What the “real” GOP thinks of the Tea Party

I thought the following was interesting – it is a personal reply to me from a guy who is VERY high up within the GOP political establishment. He seems like a very reasonable and educated guy, so I put the question to him – how can you folks (the GOP) stand what is going on?

His answer is quite informative:
“The Tea Party is a short term destabilizing force in current-day party politics, and the GOP does not want it to survive, period. Now, we’re not going to affirmatively and visibly attack them, however soft power is being used to subsume/absorb them into the GOP, as they grow weary of the game and fizzle out. The main complaint about the Tea Party, and let’s be clear here, that is the identified source and origin of most of this, is that they are an unorganized group of political amateurs, who have forsaken responsibility and moderation for publicity and the quick flash of what they perceive is “power.” Continue reading