New ebook on Quadcopters and Drones for hobbyists – published!

My new ebook has been published at Amazon:

This is some of what I have learned starting out in the hobby and writing the new blog at

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The new ebook has been published on Amazon!

The new ebook has been published on Amazon!

Review – Corsair Trimaran Sprint 750 sailboat

Prior to the summer of 2012, I sailed a small sloop – a Precision 18, which I reviewed here on this blog. I sold this boat earlier this year and purchased a Corsair Sprint, a 24 foot trimaran based on the famous Farrier “f-boat” Designs. The boat hit the water on July 3rd, giving me plenty of time to learn the ropes. Following are my first impressions of the boat.

Sprint 750 at Mooring in RI

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Precision 18 Sailboat – Quick review and rating

New – sail on the P-18 on youtube using the link below!
Take a Virtual Sail in Rhode Island on a Precision 18
I have owned a Precision 18 Sailboat for 3 years. You can read up about the basic specs on the Precision Boats web site, but here are the basics:

This is a small sloop sailboat (main sail and jib) which is less than 18 feet long. It weighs in at only 1100 lbs – although most users should add at least 100 lbs to that for an outboard, some basic gear and a porta-pottie. It features a stub keel with very low draft, as well as a swing down centerboard which can be raised and lowered via a simple rope in the cockpit.

The weight and size of this boat put it firmly in the “trailer sailor” category, meaning it is very easy to tow it to your destination. The total weight of boat and trailer ends up being well less than 2,000 lbs – which means most cars and trucks with towing capacity will easily handle it. My boat, however, is kept in the water on a mooring about 1000 feet from a beach in RI. This is very convenient when compared to trailering as it only takes 10 minutes from when I step onto the boat to be underway and under sail. In fact, I am such a strong believer in storing the boat in or right near the water (mast up) that I would not own a boat unless this was the case! The amount of work involved with trailering, launching and rigging is just too great IMHO.

Precision 18 at mooring in RI

The P-18 is the first sailboat I have owned. I occasionally sailed very small (sunfish) sailboats when I was very young, but those skills have been long lost. I again took up sailing in my mid-50’s (2008). Previous to the purchase of the Precision, I took 2 days of sailing lessons in Sarasota, FL and received my basic keelboat ASA certification. This provided me with the basics, although it took many hours of actual experience on the P-18 to hone my skills and feel comfortable in most normal conditions.

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The Mind of a Mechanic

Mechanic’s Mind – a term I have not heard before – and yet one that would seem to be obvious. I have never read “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, yet the title brings to mind a definition possibly close to Mechanics Mind.

For the uninitiated, the closest thing might be the 1963 Movie Classic “The Man with the X-Ray Eyes“. This is the story of a normal man who started to see through things. At first, he only saw through the first layer…such as clothes or a wall. But as his powers increased, he started to see the breakdown of EVERYTHING to the extent that it all eventually became molecular! Continue reading

DB – actually, daily Pizza

Pizza – is most definitely one indication (beside beer) that God Loves Us.
But not just any pizza will do for Martha or I. We are most definitely full fledged Pizza Snobs. If you want to talk New Haven Pizza, Artisan Pizza, Vermont Flatbread or others more pure forms of the art…we are there! But Pizza Hut, Dominos (really, not too bad) or Papa Johns will not do… Continue reading

My Picture Galleries in Various Places

I do love taking pictures, but as a lifelong jack of all trades (and master of only one or two), I am certainly not a advanced photog. Still, I have an eye for beauty and sometimes get it right……

Here are my pics on Panaramio – these are also visible on Google Earth and Google Maps!

Here are a bunch of various shots on Google Photos…the Fox ones are neat….

I took most of these in the chimney gallery.