A common sense discussion and opinion on the Gun Culture and the 2nd Amendment

As you have probably noticed, the recent mass shootings have once again brought the gun control debate back to the news cycle. In light of all the misinformation and propaganda being thrown about, I decided to put down some thoughts, opinions and…yes, facts, into a post! First let me state my qualifications – or lack of such! I am not a lawyer. I am not a constitutional scholar. BUT, I have been an avid amateur historian since I was 8 years old, having devoured the entire world book in the few years following and MANY tens of thousands of pages since. Much of my reading involves the actual words of the founders of this country, as well as the events of the Revolution as well as many events that have followed. Adams, Washington, Franklin, Hamilton, Jefferson, etc. are all personalities I have read extensively on. I also have read quite a bit on the writing of and the amending of the US Constitution.
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DB – The health care “debate”

Yes, the word debate is in quotes…..because, honestly, there is no debate. We have been screwed by unbridled capitalism…the so-called “free market” which allows our Corporate Health Care System to become something that the entire civilized world laughs at……while we allow our own citizens to suffer and declare bankruptcy by the millions. Continue reading

The Bear (and Foxes)

Although Western Ma. is a relatively “thickly settled” area, we also have our share of real wild animals. Bear, Foxes, Coyote, Fisher Cats and even Moose wander these woods and fields!
Being on the edge of a couple hundred acres of conservation land, we tend to get some of our wild friends as visitors and guests quite often – yet they never fail to impress! Continue reading