Blowing THINGS UP….

When I was young, I just LOVED to blow things up. My older brother and I had a chemistry set with virtually every chemical sold in our inventory. While my brother was more into the scientific principals, my initial method was simply to mix everything together and see if anything happened…alas, nothing did.

My brother showed me a great apparatus and experiment which would make pure chlorine gas from Sani-Flush toilet cleaner. Imagine a maze of beakers, flasks and glass tubing, the final result of which was a green-colored gas building up in a receptacle. Amazing…….
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More about Craig – childhood

I was born in Philadelphia in November of 1953 – a baby boomer, for certain, albeit on the younger end of that generation. Although many periods in history are full of upheaval and change, there is something unique about the speed and severity of the changes which started to occur as I entered primary school. The sequence of events are fairly well known, but to see them close at hand as a growing child was quite alarming. Continue reading

I love Rhode Island

I admit it.
I love Rhode Island.
Of course, I love and like a lot of places. But Rhode Island is very different. This may be due to it’s newness (to me), but time will tell if that is the case. I’ve been coming here for 6 years now and it still has not wore off…..

But I digress. Let me explain.
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Wondering how our children turned out so nice!

I really like my kids! Kids, I call them, but of course they are fully grown and capable adults! I sometimes wonder how they turned out so well. After all, we did not give them any formal education in the ways of life – no sunday school, hebrew school or long talks about education, hard work, etc.

In fact, we were a very laid back family – more interested in living day to day and making a living and a life.

But children seem to have paths of their own. Ours really never rebelled in the same way we did – maybe they didn’t have as far to go…that is, maybe our way looked pretty good to them, and they had little to rebel against?

I recently founds these words written by one of my daughters – about her experience as a camp counselor for children with AIDS. She was 16 years old, but her world view shows a maturity which I still respect today.

I’ve worked with children for years.

I would like to think that I have made an impact on some of their lives. At the least, I know I’ve helped to steer them in the right direction. Ironically, all these children I think of as mine have no idea what they have done to change me.
For just one week a few summers ago, I participated in a volunteer program at the local YMCA camp. The program was named “Bright Feathers” and was for children affected or infected with the HIV virus. I knew little about the disease at the start. I knew nothing about the children.
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Running Away

What would a 1960’s childhood be without a few “running away from home” stories?

Way back then, 1966 or so, we’d constantly hear stories like “so and so ran away from home” – it sure sounded exotic. After all, my life was pretty good and boring….living in suburbia, rooming with my bro, having my first cousins living next door…..

But, as will happen with teens, I ended up being influenced by one of my peers – and so starts the sordid tale of my first foray away from the nest.
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Chemistry for pre-teens……a little different back then!

Back in the early 60’s when my brother and I were growing it, it was all the rage to have a really nice chemistry set. Kids often started out with a kit which contained the basics and then added equipment and chemicals as their knowledge and budget increased.

My bro and I had a pretty awesome setup – and even our own little room in the basement where we could play with all these “toys”.
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