Why you should be like the gay community.

Of course, if you are gay you can stop reading right about here. You already know this!

However, the rest of you have a LOT to learn.

No, this post isn’t about lifestyles, the bible or anything of the sort. It’s about politics and how to get things done.

Cruise the internet and you will find many people complaining about how government sucks – about some injustice, real or not, which upsets them to no end. And yet, most of them do absolutely nothing about it except foam at the mouth.

The answer is….well, it’s not simple. It’s a lot of work. BUT, if the subject is truly one of vast importance, you have to do what the gay community did – GET POLITICALLY ACTIVE.

From the outside, I see it like this:
1. Work smart – make a realistic plan as to what you are able to accomplish and the time frame (ideally, FOREVER if the issue is really serious).
2. Forget about lawyer jokes – bow down to lawyers and find yourself a bunch who feel the same way about the issue(s) that you do. They will likely work for free or inexpensively…you can raise money from the other members of your (grievous) community.
3. As great as lawyers are, Politicians can be even better! Many are lawyers also! Find pols who believe in your issue – NOT those who “believe for money”, but those who may care deeply about your particular issue. Example: if the issue involves veterans, find pols who may have run and been elected on that issue…and who care about it!
4. Be relentless – never give up. Ever. If the issue truly has the importance you have assigned to it, it’s worth fighting for..for your posterity (future generations, children, etc.).
5. Shrug off losses, revel in even small victories. Remember, without you and your friends fighting, it (the problem, injustice) likely would have just gotten worse!
6. Plan against backlash – with all issues, there is a danger of backlash. A current example is the NRA. Americans believe in basic gun rights, but many are upset at crowds of men carrying assault rifles into the local Chipolte. You have to know when you are winning – and to stop or slow down at that point. Don’t push it!

I’m a firm believer in the concept of “modeling”, meaning that when you need to accomplish a task, find those who have proven successful in the same realm. There are many examples of this on the political front, however the gay rights movement is currently blessed with more successes than failures…which, IMHO, is the RESULT of their hard (and smart) work over many decades.

Far be it from me to comment on moral or ethical issues. Whether yours is women’s right, gun rights, legal pot, privacy or any of the many other important issues, the key is GETTING THINGS DONE.

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