Military School – my experience at Valley Forge!

Note – this story is in full as a PDF at this link :Part_3military – maybe scratch

Straighten up or we’ll send you to military school” was a common threat in the relatively well off Philadelphia suburb where I hail from. I’d heard my parents mention it regarding my older brother, who was often in trouble for weed, running away and other assorted 60’s rule breaking. However, I was still only 13 years old, and the idea that I would be dragged away to put on a uniform and parade around with a rifle seemed near impossible.
At the time I was hanging out with a crowd of guy friends who I suppose were somewhat typical of the time – at least typical in the upper middle class environs where I lived and went to school. Some were semi-greasers, who liked fast cars and mooning out the window of cars driven by their older brothers. Others were rich kids with divorced parents, who had too much freedom and too much money….or, maybe just enough to get in a LOT of trouble!
We were slightly under the age of drinking and drugs, and also not yet very interested with girls, so we came up with our own entertainment, which was usually vandalism. This involved “cool” BB and Pellet guns which we would use to shoot out everything from street lights to car headlights to picture windows. Sure, this behavior was most definitely wrong, yet the adrenaline rush we got was amazing! It was a high it itself when a streetlight broke and we went running.
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