Steve McGarvey – a “cops cop” and Medford Citizen, R.I.P.

Being a boater (sailor) myself, I often think of my friend Steve McGarvey, who was a former Medford Police Captain and avid boater himself. Some of you may know him, but in any case I think it important to remember him – and to learn the lessons of his passing.

Steve McGarvey

There are various online stories on his passing, including one which I will quote extensively – these stories tend to disappear after a few years and I want to make certain Steve is remembered.

Our family lived in Medford from 1978 to 2004, a period when Steve rose up through the ranks at the Police Department. Starting out as a Patrolman, Steve quickly became a Sargent and, in 1995, became the Chief of Police. Steve was a local boy – having graduated Shawnee in 1972. Folks who knew have said that he wanted nothing out of life except to be a cop-and a good one.

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Blowing THINGS UP….

When I was young, I just LOVED to blow things up. My older brother and I had a chemistry set with virtually every chemical sold in our inventory. While my brother was more into the scientific principals, my initial method was simply to mix everything together and see if anything happened…alas, nothing did.

My brother showed me a great apparatus and experiment which would make pure chlorine gas from Sani-Flush toilet cleaner. Imagine a maze of beakers, flasks and glass tubing, the final result of which was a green-colored gas building up in a receptacle. Amazing…….
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