Ayn Rand, hypocrite and writer of fiction…..

Ayn Rand, The Koch Brothers and friends are quite the Hypocrites, eh?

Check out this Article about yet more ‘free market’ and ‘small government’ leaders loving their government checks!

It completely amazes me that a failed (in life and love, etc.) writer of FICTION and promoter of selfishness and godlessness has become the newest darling of the right. I would write more on the subject, but I honestly don’t know what to say! The gulf between what the right wing claims to stand for (morals, compassion, religion) and the Fiction Writer are just too large. Ayn claims religion is WORSE than the opiate of the masses…which makes her more Marxist than Marx himself.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with being an atheist! I could claim that mantel myself. But there is something wrong with the evangelical right wing taking her in their new champion!

Ayn Rand on Religion (lack of)