Take it Easy, you’ll be ahead of the game.

(note – written MANY years ago – approx 1992)

Take it from me–the original type “A” personality. It pays to keep yourself rested and healthy. I worked 60 to 70 hours a week for many years while I started my businesses. Yes, I enjoyed it, but this stress took it’s toll.

At around age 35, my doctor told me he’d be putting me on medicine for high blood pressure. I casually asked him how long I would have to take it and he answered “the rest of your life”. Well, that got me thinking ! It’s easy to pretend that we are invincible, but you can’t fool Mother Nature. If you are far out of balance, something will go wrong! In my own case, it’s a long story that’s not over yet.
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Running Away

What would a 1960’s childhood be without a few “running away from home” stories?

Way back then, 1966 or so, we’d constantly hear stories like “so and so ran away from home” – it sure sounded exotic. After all, my life was pretty good and boring….living in suburbia, rooming with my bro, having my first cousins living next door…..

But, as will happen with teens, I ended up being influenced by one of my peers – and so starts the sordid tale of my first foray away from the nest.
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